Portfolio of Websites on Blue Core CMS™

What is Special About These Websites?

The websites listed below are hosted on our proprietary website hosting and support platform called Blue Core CMS™.

These are relatively simple websites that serve basic information-dissemination needs.

Benefits of Blue Core CMS™

  • Significantly lower costs compared to an equivalent website built from scratch or in WordPress or some other open source content management system
  • Ease of administration via our Blue Core CMS™ platform
  • Elimination of ownership of technology most small businesses or organizations don't want
  • And much more


Additonal websites available upon request.

IE Derby Divas
Women's Flat Track Roller Derby League
Smart Prep Auto
Auto Reconditioning Service
Dental Care of Yucaipa
Dental Practice
Wagner Training Institute
Phlebotomy Trade School
Smart Access IT, Inc.
Our Informational Website
Donna Morin
Artist Portfolio
Riverside Legal Aid
Legal Services Group


Dermaculture Skin Care
Beauty Salon
Dekoker Electrical Contractrors
Electrical Contractor