The Business Value of Blue Core CMS™

Our Blue Core CMS™ service delivers business value in these ways:

  • Guided Process For Service Startup
    We have a time-tested, guided process for conceptualizing and building new business websites. This process ensures we don't miss anything important as we build a website that will effectively serve your business objectives.

  • Targeted Communications Plan
    As part of the new service startup process, the development of a targeted communications plan ensures your website effectively communicates your business value to your target market and customers

  • Reduced Costs
    Your website is part of an existing system with many pre-built components. This reduces your costs because we aren't hand-crafting your entire website.

  • You Stay in Control
    Industry-best administrative tools designed for non-technically minded business owners enable safe updates for those who want the convenience of self-service updates. Alternatively, you can have us perform updates and other management tasks at your request for no additional charge. It's your choice.

  • Current Technology
    We are constantly evaluating new technology and techniques and implementing them in the underlying platform. You get the benefit of keeping up with important advances without having to pay extra.

  • All-inclusive, Flat-Rate Pricing
    The Blue Core CMS™ service is made available for a fixed, flat rate, thereby giving you a predictable and capped budget.  

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