Dental Care of Yucaipa

Dental Care of Yucaipa
To develop an online presence that effectively presents the dental services of Dr. Julian M. Tudose, DDS in the city of Yucaipa, CA.
Scope of Project
We built Dr. Tudose’s original website in 2011. In December 2017, we worked with Dr. Tudose and his team to implement a full website re-design of the Dental Care of Yucaipa website. We continue to provide ongoing hosting, routine maintenance and support services.

Dental Care of Yucaipa needed an online information hub to accomplish what we defined as three main objectives:

  • Develop an online presence that reaches a local target market. The nature of his professional service industry requires that his business communicate effectively with audiences within reasonable proximity of his business location.
  • Establish Dr. Tudose’s credentials and qualifications as a dental healthcare provider.
  • Promote Dr. Tudose’s value propositions and the full scope of service offerings at his practice.

In order to support the first objective, we executed good on-site search engine optimization practices that would help with search engine page results (SERPS) for relevant long-tail keywords. For example, “/our-services/yucaipa-dentist-teeth-cleaning-and-exams.”

To accomplish the second and third objectives, and understanding that the average website visitor would be seeking information about services or contact information, it was clear that the primary focus should be to disseminate information clearly and concisely. The result was an easy-to-navigate information hierarchy to include the monthly specials, the full scope of service offerings, information about the doctor and how to contact and locate his office.

With respect to the website design, a static image rotator (which selects one random image from a pool of available images to display to the end-user every time the page is loaded in a browser) that appears throughout every page of the website communicates (1) “healthy smiles” and (2) that services are provided to clients of all ages. The monochromatic green color scheme with gray accents elicit feelings of peace, growth and health. Grays elicit feelings of balance and calmness.

The website was built with Blue Core CMS™, which greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of performing routine maintenance and updates. We are proud to provide continuing service to Dr. Tudose and to help his practice promote its mission to bring healthy smiles to the City of Yucaipa!

Built-in Website Features
  • Responsive Design
  • Informational Pages
  • Rotators
  • Forms
  • Blue Core CMS™
  • jQuery 3.x
  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Built-In Website Features

Responsive Design

All websites hosted on Blue Core CMS™ are cross-device and cross-browser compatible. Each website is integrated with jQuery 3.x, Bootstrap 4.x and supplemental JavaScript and CSS libraries. These open source libraries provide a useful balance between support for modern mobile-friendly website features and backwards compatibility with older browsers.  

Informational Pages

Informational pages house static content on the website that may be permanent or routinely updated. The self-service administrative features on Blue Core CMS™ make it easy to safely perform these updates yourself. Alternatively, our support team can perform updates for you, and typically at no additional cost.


A rotator can contain images, announcements or any other content relevant to your audience. The moving elements keep content fresh and engaging and also highlight key messages or value propositions about your business.

A specialized editor in Blue Core CMS™ makes it easy to add, remove and arrange slides in rotators. You can also schedule slides to appear and disappear on predetermined dates.


Choose anything from a basic contact form to a full custom application form that can be submitted online.

The forms delivered via Blue Core CMS™ are easily customized. Each form is backed by a database where the data provided by your website visitors is stored permanently. When visitors submit a form, the data is automatically written to the database, then sent to you and/or others in your organization as an email message.

Advanced security features built into our Forms component prevent automated form spam from being submitted through our system.

Other Deliverables

Routine Website Maintenance and Updates

We provide ongoing website maintenance and updates as well as support services.