Join a Web Meeting

Our web meetings are an enhanced version of a traditional conference call. With our web meetings, you join a conference call, but also see a computer screen we share with you over the Internet. This lets us show you things during the meeting. 

You should follow these steps when it's time for our meeting to begin:

If this is your first web meeting with us, then please read through all these instructions before beginning.

Step 1: Call the conference line using your telephone.

1 (213) 226-1066 

Enter the conference code: 802-957-172

Step 2: Click this link to join the web meeting.

Step 3: Install the meeting app (optional).

If this is your first time joining a web meeting with us on your current computer, then you will see an option to install the meeting app:

Meeting App

You are not required to install the app, but if you do install it you will have a better meeting participation experience.

To install the app, click the Use the App button. It will appear on your computer like you see in the image above.. Then click Run when prompted to run the installation program. After a few seconds the installation of the meeting app will complete, and you will be prompted to join the meeting.

Step 4: Join the meeting.

Enter your name where prompted, then click the knock to join button.

Join a Web Meeting

You will then see our shared screen on your computer (in your browser).