Portfolio of Hybrid Websites

What is a Hybrid Website?

Our Hybrid Websites combine two or more web applications into one website that has the look and feel of one single website.

Many business websites will have basic informational pages deployed along with business-specific unique functionality. To reduce costs of deploying such a website, we have a unique solution. We implement the basic informational and standard components in our Blue Core CMS™ system (which has many pre-built common components); and then develop a completely custom web application for only the custom features needed. We then integrate the two websites into one so that they present as one coherent website.

Benefits of Hybrid Websites

  • Significantly reduced costs when compared to an equivalent but completely custom website
  • Ease of administration via our Blue Core CMS™ platform
  • Ownership of what counts (you own the custom-developed web application)
Hybrid Websites Infographic


Additonal hybrid websites available upon request.

Mountain CARE
Non-profit Environmental Group
Riverside County Bar Association
County Bar Association 
Hybrid Technology
Manufacturer in Oil and Gas Industry
California Academy of Appellate Lawyers
Professional Membership Organization