Wayne's World Dance

Wayne's World Dance
Jason and Yvonne Wayne sought to develop one cohesive brand and a new website that encompassed and promoted all three divisions of their business: West Coast Swing University, their services for adult students (such as private lessons, workshops and choreography) and their youth programs. The starting point was an existing website for West Coast Swing University.
Scope of Project
The scope of the project included:
  1. A logo design for Wayne’s World Dance;
  2. A full website that encompasses all three divisions of Wayne’s World Dance

We started with the new branding for “Wayne’s World Dance.” The conceptual approach was to illustrate a pair of dancers inside of the “O” in the word “World” to represent their mission to share the love of dance worldwide. The silhouette of dancers not only illustrates what they do in a literal manner but is also meaningful, as the dancers were digitally hand-drawn based on a photo of owners Jason and Yvonne Wayne dancing.

Our approach to the website was to develop three fully functional websites in one using Blue Core CMS™. Each of the three divisions has its own section that can be navigated to using the colored “utilities” bar at the very top of the page (above the main navigation bar). The sections present each division of Wayne’s World Dance in a clear and succinct manner that is easy for visitors to navigate.

Built-in Website Features
  • Responsive Design
  • Informational Pages
  • Photo Albums
  • Forms
  • Blue Core CMS™
  • jQuery 2.x
  • Bootstrap 3.x
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Built-In Website Features

Responsive Design

All websites hosted on Blue Core CMS™ are cross-device and cross-browser compatible. Each website is integrated with jQuery 2.x, Bootstrap 3.x and supplemental JavaScript and CSS libraries. These open source libraries provide a useful balance between support for modern mobile-friendly website features and backwards compatibility with older browsers.  

Informational Pages

Informational pages house static content on the website that may be permanent or routinely updated. The self-service administrative features on Blue Core CMS™ make it easy to safely perform these updates yourself. Alternatively, our support team can perform updates for you, and typically at no additional cost.

Photo Albums

Blue Core CMS™ supports photo albums for any collection of images you wish to showcase on your website. Our Photo Album Manager allows you to change the settings as well drag-and-drop the order you wish to present the images.


Choose anything from a basic contact form to a full custom application form that can be submitted online.

The forms delivered via Blue Core CMS™ are easily customized. Each form is backed by a database where the data provided by your website visitors is stored permanently. When visitors submit a form, the data is automatically written to the database, then sent to you and/or others in your organization as an email message.

Advanced security features built into our Forms component prevent automated form spam from being submitted through our system.

Other Deliverables

Branding Packages

We design and clean-up logo files. Our branding packages for logos include vector files (AI, EPS and PDF file formats), bitmap files (JPEG and PNG file formats), fonts, all color variations and a logo style guide.

Routine Website Maintenance and Updates

We provide ongoing website maintenance and updates as well as support services.