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Extending Your Reach Through Technology

Small Business Websites

Your business website is a communications channel that helps you access your target market and preferred sales prospects. Our guided process for content development helps you reach your target market most effectively.

Targeted Communications Planning

If you need a business website, then the development of a targeted communications plan, if not already done, is probably the most valuable service we provide to small business owners during the development of your website.

Business Software & Reports

We develop business software, applications, supporting databases, and reports that track your important business information. Complete business application development lifecycle services are offered.

Blue Core CMS™

A business website solution with advanced technology that keeps you in control

Our Blue Core CMS™ service keeps you in control of your website and budget. This service includes a small business website, hosting, and support. Benefits include:

  • Fixed all-inclusive and flat-rate pricing that allows for a predictable and capped budget while still delivering everything you need.
  • Safe and easy-to-use administrative tools for those who want the convenience of self-service updates.
  • If you are "not technical" or simply don't want to manage your website we will update it at your request for no additional charge.

It's perfect for small business owners

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Blue Core CMS(TR) Abstract

Our all-inclusive fixed pricing aligns with your pre-determined budget.
There are no hidden or surprise fees.

Business Core CMS™ Service

  • Includes small business website based on Targeted Communications Plan
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Current web technology
  • Safe self-service updates
  • Help if you want it for no additional charge
  • Fixed flat-rate pricing

From $35 per month flat-rate

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Hybrid Websites

  • Combines a pre-built website with custom website to produce a hybrid website
  • Reduces costs of obtaining custom features
  • All-inclusive flat-rate pricing after initial service startup
  • Self-service admin tools
  • Built using current industry best practices and standards

From $350 per month flat-rate

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Business Software & Reports

  • Developed to support unique business operations
  • Can be virtually any type of application: Web, desktop, Web service, Web API, etc.
  • Typically backed by enterprise-class database
  • Data migration from legacy systems
  • Custom reports

From $8,500

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Special Projects

  • Organizational analysis and strategic communications planning
  • I.T. strategy consulting
  • Software architecture design and system planning
  • Data modeling and database design
  • Project management and project design

Priced per project

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How We Help You Reach Your Target Market

Targeted Communications Planning

If you need a business website, then the development of a Targeted Communications Plan, if not already done, is the most valuable service we provide you during the development of your website.


Your website is much more than a work of technology. It is best understood as a communications channel through which you interact with your target markets and preferred sales prospects.

Towards establishing your website as an effective communications channel, we first work with you to develop a Targeted Communications Plan that ensures your business value is communicated effectively to your target markets.

How it Works

The development of a Targeted Communications Plan proceeds according to a guided process that can be applied to almost any type of business.

The guided process usually takes only a few hours and includes steps for documenting your business model, value propositions, and the relevant goals of the people in your target markets.

The Targeted Communications Plan subsequently informs the content, features, and overall experience your website should deliver.

Your new website is then built to satisfy the objectives of the Targeted Communications Plan.

Our Website Development Process

Step 1

Market Analysis

Website Development Process Step 1

Step 2

Targeted Communications Plan

Website Development Process Step 2

Step 3

Website Construction

Website Development Process Step 3

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