What is Blue Core CMS™?

Blue Core CMS™ is a website platform and managed service designed for small business owners that includes:

  1. Business website
  2. Guided process for website creation and content development
  3. Website hosting and technical support services
  4. Safe and easy-to-use self-service administrative tools
  5. Routine update support for no additional charge
  6. All-inclusive flat-rate pricing

Business Website

You get a modern mobile-friendly website that effectively showcases your business.

The website is built to satisfy requirements of a targeted communications plan we develop with you to ensure the website will most effectively speak to your target market and customers.

Search engine optimization fundamentals are automatically included during site creation.

Website hosting, technical support, self-service administrative tools, and content update support are all included.

Flat-Rate Pricing

We understand the importance to small business owners of having a predictable and fixed budget. So, this service is not charged by the hour. Instead, we work with you to determine a fixed, flat rate.

The flat rate includes virtually everything required to create the website, host it on the Internet, and perform routine or periodic updates.

While self-service administrative tools are included, you are not expected to perform content updates. In fact, we will perform all content updates, if you prefer, at no additional charge.

You Stay in Control

Blue Core CMS™ was designed to give as much control as you want over the ongoing management of your website. We understand some business owners want the convenience of self-service updates; while others simply want someone else to do all the work. We support both.

Two Ways to Update

Most small business websites need to be updated periodically. Someone has to do the work. You decide who performs the updates.

  1. Self-service updates:
    We offer a suite of self-service administrative tools designed specifically to enable "non-technical" business owners to perform routine updates safely.
  2. We will perform the updates for you:
    We will operate the self-service tools on your behalf, at no additional charge.

The self-service tools are there for your convenience if you want to use them. Or we will perform routine updates for you at no additional charge. The choice is yours.

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