Database Development and Management Services

Database Services

We have more than 18 years experience designing, developing, and managing databases in support of non-trivial business software systems.

Virtually all projects we have delivered are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so cannot be described here in specific terms.

However, here are a few types of applications for which we have designed and developed databases:

  • Financial Accounting Systems

    We have developed multiple, specialized financial data tracking, accounting, and reporting systems.  

  • Student Data Management and Reporting

    These systems generally track student class attendance, progress towards graduation, etc; providing data entry screens and validation, reports, and automated nightly loads of reporting databases from external systems.

  • Enterprise Applications, Systems, and Services

    These are typically sets of related applications and services that automate and facilitate proprietary business processes on a large scale.


Database development projects are always part of a larger software development project - whether a Web application or other business software. Consequently, pricing is tied to the larger projects; which usually start around $6,000.

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