How Much Does it Cost?

It depends, of course.

The Short Answer

Blue Core CMS™ service: Typically $50 - $100 per month.

The Complete Answer

You pay for what you need, and nothing you don't need.  

Our Blue Core CMS™ service starts at $35 per month and goes up depending on the number and types of features included in your website; and the frequency of updates and assistance you may need over time.  

All-Inclusive Pricing

Everything you need is included for one fixed price.

Our Blue Core CMS™ service includes everything you need for your small business website for one fixed monthly fee:

  • Small business website
  • Website hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Email
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals
  • Content update assistance
  • Technical support
  • Self-service admin tools (designed for "non-technical business owners) that enable you to update your website safely.
  • Guided process for developing a targeted communications plan that informs what pages and content should be included in your website in order to most effectively reach your target markets.

We keep our prices low through the use of smart technology.

To find out how much your website would cost, click the button below to tell us about what you are wanting for your website.